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February 01st, 2016/By Admin/In Blog, Newsletter

Tharpe & Howell, LLP, endeavors to keep its clients and colleagues abreast of important new law. The attached article entitled California Reverses Course was written by Firm attorney Eric Kunkel to make insurance and legal professionals aware of recent authority which changes the legal landscape as it relates to the assignment of insurance benefits sought by health care providers. While prior authority generally held such assignments to be invalid, the California Supreme Court has now reversed that authority and concluded such assignments are valid as long as they are given after the insured has suffered a loss. In addition to exploring the basis for the high court’s decision, California Reverses Course also offers practical steps and important insight on how to determine whether such an assignment has been made, and how it should be handled in both the first and third-party context.

Should you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact Mr. Kunkel direct at telephone number (818) 205-9955; or via email to ekunkel@tharpe-howell.com.

[To View California Reverses Course Click Here]

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