Women-Owned Business

Insurance Defense

Tharpe & Howell, LLP has earned a solid reputation for providing excellent quality, reasonably priced legal services to internationally and nationally recognized insurance companies in the defense of their insureds.  We also have a long history of helping insurers resolve first party claims and assert subrogation rights against at-fault third parties for reimbursement of policy monies paid.  Whether representing an insurer or its insureds, our goal is always the same – to obtain the best possible outcome in the most cost-efficient manner possible.  In those instances where a dispute cannot be resolved before formal proceedings begin, we work collaboratively with our clients to obtain the desired result through productive file handling, dispositive motions and focused litigation.  Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of claims in various practice areas, from claim inception through trial and on appeal.

Our comprehensive insurance defense practice includes:

  • Tort litigation in all areas of law (including class-action defense)
  • First and third party claims
  • Bad faith litigation
  • Declaratory relief filings
  • Coverage opinion letters
  • Claims management and apportionment services
  • Subrogation and risk transfer
  • Insurance appellate litigation
  • Reinsurance advice and disputes




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