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Toxic Tort and Environmental Litigation

Toxic tort and environmental litigation has exploded over the past several years, leaving a myriad of companies vulnerable to costly, complex legal battles and devastating damage awards. Successfully navigating this minefield requires a combination of unique expertise, trial experience, a savvy, strategic focus, and access to the field’s best scientific, medical and technical consultants.  We pride ourselves on delivering the whole package, expediently and cost-effectively, to clients across California.

We partner with our clients at the earliest stages of a matter, once an incident or exposure is identified.  By coordinating with consultants, experts and client representatives, we assemble a team that quickly assesses the risks and devises a strategy for aggressively and cost-effectively minimizing or eliminating them.

Among the client groups who consistently turn to us for our toxic tort expertise and trial experience are: international oil companies, engineering firms, chemical companies, contractors, pest control companies, service stations, and refineries.  We regularly handle a wide range of matters involving claims related to exposure to multiple chemicals, environmental contamination, mold, solvents, asbestos and other contaminants.

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