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Transportation Law

Transportation carriers and their insurers face complex challenges 24/7, many stemming from nuanced circumstances and regulatory issues unique to the transportation industry.  If a claim is not investigated, contained, assessed and resolved quickly and cost effectively, it can keep you “off the road” and cost your business dearly.

We are intimately familiar with the legal and operational needs of our transportation clients, and work to prevent risk wherever possible.  When claims do arise, we help tailor and implement concise, expedient and cost-effective resolution plans.  We have a 24/7 immediate/catastrophic loss response team that includes the best field investigators and accident reconstructionists, available around the clock for immediate direction of catastrophic loss investigations.

As established participants in the Trucking Industry Defense and Transportation Lawyers Associations, we stay on the cutting edge of legal, regulatory and legislative developments.  We also lead in the development of groundbreaking tools – like protocols for immediate large loss investigations that help save our clients tens of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars.  Our legal expertise allows us to provide comprehensive representation and consultation in all operational phases.


  • Heartland Express
  • KLLM Transport
  • ArcBest Corp.
  • Carolina Casualty Insurance
  • Sentry Select Insurance
  • Hudson Insurance
  • Complete Logistics
  • Pacific Logistics
  • California Insurance Group
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