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Regulatory and Administrative Law

In most every sector of the economy, regulatory compliance has become a burdensome business responsibility.  There are volumes of complex rules, codes, and laws to navigate, interpret and apply. Businesses unprotected from regulatory involvement are exposed to steep penalties and other significant risk.  At Tharpe & Howell, LLP, our attorneys work closely with clients to strategically analyze each issue from a multi-faceted approach.  Whether assisting with internal compliance procedures, code enforcement, acquisitions, planning, or development, or lodging a defense before disciplinary and other regulatory boards, our attorneys are experienced at dealing with some of the most demanding issues facing businesses today.  We help assure compliance while allowing our clients to reach important business goals.

Our attorneys represent clients at penalty conferences and administrative hearings, and in negotiating consent decrees and administrative settlements.  Our extensive regulatory and administrative law experience gives us an edge in often spotting unforeseeable issues that can later arise.  We can help you avoid potential pitfalls and best position yourself during the regulatory process.

We provide advice in complex regulatory matters including:

  • Proposition 65
  • Pricing Violations
  • CARB Compliance
  • AQMD Compliance
  • Department of Pesticide Regulations
  • Point of Sale Requirements
  • Weights & Measures

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