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Employment and Labor Law

The relationship between employers and employees is more complicated than ever.  Employers must navigate and adhere to often overlapping and even conflicting state and federal laws – such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, wage and hour laws and anti-discrimination statutes – while maintaining a productive and motivated work-force.

Tharpe & Howell, LLP has partnered with employers to successfully and cost-effectively achieve this balance.  Our attorneys understand the issues from the employer’s point of view, because we’ve been there – serving companies in critical roles including Vice President, Human Resources; Vice President, Administration; Corporate Counsel; and Operations Manager.

Our attorneys’ knowledge and experience is not limited to traditional employment laws but instead extends to all Statutes and Regulations that govern the Employer-Employee relationship. This allows us to help employers navigate the web of State and Federal laws in each unique circumstance, for each unique employer.  The collective knowledge and experience of our team is highly valued by clients and allows us to provide comprehensive, practical, and result-oriented counseling.  Our class-action and PAGA expertise sets us apart, and our attorneys are at the forefront of the emerging issues in this volatile area of the law.


  • Farmers Group, Inc.
  • Farmers Insurance Exchange
  • ADP, Inc.
  • Multiple national private security service companies
  • Pinnacle Hotels USA
  • Frozen Food Express
  • Paycom Payroll LLC
  • St. George Warehousing and Trucking Company of CA
  • All Yellow Taxi
  • Global Paratransit, Inc.
  • Orangewood LLC
  • CTC Group, Inc.
  • Alvord Unified School District
  • Schneider National Carriers, Inc.
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