Women-Owned Business

Real Estate and Construction Law

For real estate and construction professionals, dealing with litigation and the threat of legal action has become a dreaded and significant cost of doing business.  Tharpe & Howell, LLP brings our clients decades of strategic experience, transactional solutions that minimize litigation risks, and access to the best experts and ADR professionals.

Our practice is “ground-up,” handling our clients’ transactional needs, as well as virtually every type of construction claim, including:

  • Construction defects and delays
  • Construction site injuries
  • Earth-movement including floods, landslides, storm and earthquake claims
  • Structural failures and building collapse
  • Water-intrusion
  • Contract disputes
  • Environmental claims including mold and asbestos
  • Insurance claims and insurance coverage disputes
  • Operations, labor and management claims

Our approach is goal-oriented and focused on risk-management.  Drawing on our extensive real estate and construction litigation experience, we work with our clients to make sure buy-sell, lease or lending transactions and construction contracts are done right, with an eye toward avoiding litigation.

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