Women-Owned Business

Corporate Formation / Mergers & Acquisitions


Corporate Formation

Business formation, whether as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship, is the first major step to establishing a new business.

Our experienced team of attorneys will help you develop business structure that fits with your business goals, so that you can provide your organization with the best possible chance of success.  Determining the type of business form that is best for you is a major decision that should include a discussion with your attorney, as there are key issues regarding liability, taxation that will be affected by the structure you choose. Read More

Are HOAs Required To Accept Partial Payments On Delinquent Assessment Liens?

The Davis-Stirling Act governs HOA initiated judicial foreclosures against homeowners relative to outstanding lien assessments.  In 2011, the Huntington Continental Town House Association recorded a delinquent lien assessment against one of its homeowners followed by the filing of a judicial foreclosure action.

The HOA and the homeowner subsequently agreed to a payment plan, but the homeowner failed to remit all payments when due and the plan was cancelled.  The homeowner then attempted to remit three partial payments to the HOA, which were all returned by the HOA to the homeowner.  Read More

Contract Review and Contract Disputes


We believe that contracts are the foundation of a strong and profitable business.  Our attorneys are well-versed in drafting, negotiating and modifying contracts.

Signing a master services agreement, property lease, vehicle/equipment lease, advertising agreement, accepting the terms and conditions attached to an invoice and numerous other contracts are typical for the course of business.  Some contracts are simple, easily understandable documents while others can be complex and incomprehensible.  We have found that it is not uncommon for otherwise very careful people to glance over a contract and just sign it without really knowing what it obligates them or the other party to do. Read More

Outside General Counsel Services


We offer the opportunity for small businesses to have a general counsel as an outside staff member, without the built in overhead and cost.  As companies begin to grow beyond their startup phase, legal needs can pile up.  As the legal needs of a company continue to grow, a number of complex legal issues can arise regularly, and companies need a trusted resource they can turn to first no matter the issue they are facing.  Read More

Business Transactions / Intellectual Property


Business Transactions

Our experienced attorneys are ready to advise our clients on business law related matters.  Our attorneys provide legal services as corporate counsel to various corporate entities and individuals locally, nationally and globally, in various industries including, but not limited to, entertainment, retail, real estate, hospitality, finance, technology and manufacturing.

As corporate counsel we help negotiate and draft various agreements in connection with diverse types of transactions, including but not limited to, asset purchase agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, corporate restructurings, financing transactions, operating and shareholder agreements, licensing of intellectual property. Read More